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TNW Whoopee Putty

TNW Whoopee Putty

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Stick your thumb inside this slime/putty-filled toilet to hear familiar noises toilets are known for. Yep, we're talking "art" with an "F" folks and it's exactly the sort of thing kids, and many adults, find absolutely hilarious. You'll hear sounds ranging from short squeaks to thundering roars as you sink your thumb into the thick gooey slime inside. And when you're through with the laughter, you can take the slime out of the toilet and have fun playing with the gooey stuff inside. Oh, and don't forget to put it back in when you're finished, with the toilet seat down too!

Small is :Product Height: 5cm (with lid on)
Product Length: 7cm (from front to the back of toilet lid). 70g
Available in multiple colours (Orange, Green, Purple & Yellow).

Colours are chosen randomly by packing staff.

Not to be swallowed. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. May stain clothing and other surfaces.

Suitable for ages 5 years+

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