Schleich- Sunny Day Mobile Farm Stand


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The Schleich Sunny Day Mobile Farm Stand is a fun new play set from Schleich.  It comes packed with accessories to allow kids to use their imagination and create great stories with their characters and horses.  This set perfectly supplements the 42407 Schleich Large Farm House. .

This playset has many features including:

  • Poppy the horse can be unhitched and replaced with other Schleich® horses!
  • Horse can pull the farm stand!
  • Figurines have movable arms and legs!
  • Can be used to train all Schleich dogs (scaled to fit all dogs)

Includes: 1x Farmer's wife, 1x Boy, 1x Dartmoor Pony mare, 1x Waist strap, 1x Rope, 1x Halter, 1x Drawbar, 1x Trailer, 2x Apple, 2x Bread, 2x Lettuce, 2x Potato, 1x Carrot, 1x Sandwich board, 1x Sunshade, 1x Scale, 1x Milk bottle, 1x Eggs, 3x Wooden box, 1x Cash register, 1x Bench

Age Recommendation: 3-8 years.
Released: April 2021 
Made from PVC, and painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.