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SKU:42462 Sarah puts the amazing new blanket and halter on Mystery. Now the mare looks even more magnificent! The green and yellow pattern is simple, but with some small elaborate details that accentuate the horse’s proud character. From now on, whenever the two of them train together, they’ll both be kitted out in Sarah’s favourite colours.

Fun fact-Sarah has been given a gift by Sofia: a blanket and halter in her favourite colours, yellow and green!

SKU: 42461 Lisa surprises her Hanoverian gelding Storm with an amazing gift: a blanket and halter in her favourite colours! The vivid turquoise and gorgeous lilac look fantastic against his dark coat. Lisa absolutely loves it and gives a big hug to Sofia, who spent hours making the blanket and halter for Storm.

Fun fact-Now Lisa and Storm can both wear turquoise and lilac – Lisa’s favourite colours!

SKU: 42459 Hannah has a gorgeous new rug and halter for her Quarter Horse Cayenne. She is delighted with them, because red and blue are her favourite colours. Cayenne seems happy too. The blanket is wonderfully soft to the touch and fits perfectly on her back. When the two of them turn up at the riding arena looking like this, everyone is going to be absolutely bowled over!

Fun fact
Hannah loves red and blue, so those are the colours she picked for her horse equipment too!

SKU:42460 Sofia has made gorgeous blankets and halters for herself and her friends. Blossom gets a blanket with a beautiful pattern in various shades of pink. And of course the other club members get blankets and halters in their favourite colours too! Hannah, Lisa and Sarah love Sofia’s wonderful creations and can hardly wait to get their own blankets.

Fun fact- Sofia’s favourite colour is pink, especially the shades hot pink and rose pink.

SKU: 42367 There's a new arrival at the stables! Healthy and full of life, the little foal frolics around on the paddock to the delight of everyone who sees it. It has already learned to trust people and got used to its pretty halter. Using a horse brush and curry comb, the groom gently cleans its coat. She then feeds it by hand from the little bottle.

Ages: 3+