Green Grown Sippy Cup


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GreenGrown Sippy Cups give you a new option when choosing a toddler sippy cup. As all parents know, baby steps might be small, but they lead to big and exciting things. GreenGrown is rooted in the idea that we all need to think about where we are headed and look at new ways of getting there. These sippy cups still give you the spill proof, dishwasher safe benefits your family is looking for in a sippy cup, but are made in a fresh way. Our GreenGrown products use a mix of 85% plastic that is produced from sugarcane and 15% of other recyclable plastics to give them exceptional durability and flexibility. Sugarcane is a renewable raw material, and using it in place of finite fossil fuels is more sustainable and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s our first step in a new direction. And of course, our GreenGrown Sippy Cups and Lids are also easy to recycle in most communities. When it’s time to let them go, just snap on the lid and toss it into your recycling bin!