George The Farmer - Plants a Wheat Crop Book

George the Farmer

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This is the perfect picture book for your farm and machinery loving little one. "Jessie's barking isn't enough to snap George out of his football daydream, which nearly ends in catastrophe while planting the wheat crop. Luckily for George, Ruby is there to lend a helping hand".

This first book in the George the Farmer range is 32 pages in length and has 14 full-page, colour illustrations. It's the perfect edition to teach how wheat gets from the paddock to the plate in foods such as pasta and pizza while being a really fun read. We received many requests from parents to write more stories after releasing this first book as they were so sick of their kids requesting another reading of it!

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32 pages | 14 illustrations


Printed in South Australia on paper from well-managed forests using environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks.

Profits from the sale of this book are used to create freely available curriculum-aligned educational resources for teachers to use in the classroom to educate children about farming where food comes from. Take a look at our educational farm resources.