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Are you looking for the best quality baby play mats in Australia? You’ll have playtime covered when you choose the range of baby play mats from Bambella Designs. Playtime is undoubtedly one of the most important times in your little one’s early years. After all, this is the time in which they will build on their gross motor skills, and grow, both physically and mentally. So why not ensure your little one is given the best opportunity to develop and grow.

Bambella Designs, are true believers in functionality, practicality and style. As such, each and every baby play mat has been carefully designed to meet a strict criteria. Not only will our baby play mats help to enliven up any interior, but they will also help stimulate your baby’s growth and development. This is because the entire collection features a diverse range of colours and designs  - encouraging both mental and visual development. Our baby play mats provide your little one with the stimulation he or she needs to develop perceptual skills and build upon sensory development.

Not only do our baby play mats provide both comfort and support, they also meet stringent quality safety standards. Hand crafted with durable, non-toxic materials, we don’t compromise on safety or quality.