Tri-Ominos Deluxe Game

Tri-Ominos Deluxe Game

Peekaboo Kidz

SKU: SI1740

Deluxe Edition Tri-ominos is the top quality version of the classic triangular domino game. The crystalline playing tiles are crafted for a smooth, solid plastic - called urea - that gives the tiles a heftier feel that Tri-ominos fans will really appreciate. The center of each tile features a brass spinner that makes the tiles easier to mix.

Like in the original game, players try to match one side of their Tri-ominos tile with one that is already on the table. Each to you place a tile, you score the total number on that piece . Create a "bridge" or lay down the last Tri-omino that completes a "hexagon" and score bonus points! Be the first player to score 400 points and win!

Tri-ominos is a game that combines strategy, luck and exciting new challenges that the whole family will enjoy.

Contents: 56 Deluxe Tri-omino tiles with brass spinners, 4 racks and instructions.

• A game for 2 to 4 players