TNW - Magic Rainbow Balloon Making Kit

TNW - Magic Rainbow Balloon Making Kit

Peekaboo Kidz


This Rainbow Balloon Making Kit comes with everything you need to make one large balloon rainbow with a step by step instruction sheet. With the remaining balloons you can choose from a variety of animals, sea creatures and dinosaurs to make using the step by step animal making instruction sheet and finish them off with the included eye stickers.

Each Kit includes:
- 12 balloons, colours as follows:
1 x pink
1 x red
1 x orange
1 x yellow
1 x green
1 x blue
1 x purple
1 x black
4 x white
- 1 x pump (red or blue) equally assorted
- 1 x stickers sheet (eyes etc)
- 1 x rainbow instruction sheet (as attached)
- 1 x animal making instruction sheet

Product size: 25 x 17 x 4.5 cm

Recommended Ages 8 years +