TNW - Growing Penguin In Egg

TNW - Growing Penguin In Egg

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Shock your friends and family as you bring Antarctica to your home with these growing penguin eggs.
Be amazed as the penguins hatch and grow many times their original size!!
Watch as your cute little chick is born and slowly develops into a fully grown penguin!

1. Completely submerge the egg in a container of water
2. Within 12-24 hours the egg shell will break and the pet will begin to hatch
3. Once the egg has completely broken open, leave the open egg in the water and the penguin will continue to grow to full size within a couple of days.

- Make sure the water temperature does not exceed 35'C
- Make sure the container is always full of water with the egg completely submerged

Product size: 7.5 x 10.5 x 5 cm

Recommended Ages: 3 years +