Schleich - Foal Care - 42367

Schleich - Foal Care - 42367

Modern Brands

SKU: 42367

Theres a new arrival at the stables! Healthy and full of life, the little foal frolics around on the paddock to the delight of everyone who sees it. It has already learned to trust people and got used to its pretty halter. Using a horse brush and curry comb, the groom gently cleans its coat. She then feeds it by hand from the little bottle.

Set contains:

1 x foal blanket,

1 x halter,

1 x small bottle,

1 x curry comb, blue,

1 x horse brush,

1 x red apple

Size: 9 x 16 x 3.5 cm

Ages: 3+

SKU: 42367