Pink Poppy -Princess Crown with Heart Gemstone & Glitter - Assorted

Pink Poppy

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She'll be ready for the ball with this Princess Crown. It features integrated combs so it can fix securely into the hair during play. Featuring either

a metallic blue base with chunky silver glitter and a dazzling blue heart gemstone


a metallic pink base with chunky pink glitter  and a dazzling pink heart gemstone


this crown is perfect for play pretend!

  • Size: H82 x W120 X D120mm
  • Feature 1: Blue or pink heart gemstone
  • Feature 2: Embellished with blue  or pink glitter
  • Feature 3: Integrated combs
  • Brand: Pink Poppy
  • Material: ABS 94% Glitter 4% Acrylic 2%
  • Care: Spot clean with a damp cloth
  • Age: Recommended for ages 3+